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Stationary exchange in Łódź

How does stationary exchange work?

Step 1
Enter the exchange amount in the first field

Step 1Enter the exchange amount in the first field:

I want to


I will receive*


*The price received is the suggested price for a given moment, it may change. The exact price is given when making a transaction and it depends on the current market price of the cryptocurrency.

Step 2
Arrange a currency exchange using a telegram
or by phone:
telegram +48 791 133 806

You will sell 1 BTC for:


You will buy 1 BTC for:



You can find the exchange office at:
Sienkiewicza 85/87 floor 3 place 18

Who we are Who we are

Bitcoin Kantor Łódź is a team of people from the cryptocurrency industry with many years of experience. In our stationary exchange office we conduct secure cryptocurrency exchange with full privacy.

Our main motto is professionalism and customer satisfaction. We have flexible commissions tailored to individual needs.

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Cryptocurrency exchange
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Sienkiewicza 85/87 piętro 3 lok. 18
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+48 791 133 806
[email protected]

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